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Better Joy share new single ‘Talking Around’

Better Joy continue to showcase their unique fusion of the classic and the contemporary with their newest offering ‘Talking Around’, which follows previous singles ‘Hard To Love’ and ‘Dead Plants’ and is out now via independent label Fader Amp.

New single ‘Talking Around’ documents betrayal and the harsh realisations that come with both truth and lies. Building with velvety yet gritty vocals, the song launches into a frenzied chorus of guitars backed by a sharp melody and forlorn vocal reprises “dark days, what a sad truth, dark days, did I really know you”. Produced by Steve Osborne (New Order, Happy Mondays) and Mike Peden (Lighthouse Family) and mixed by Caesar (Boygenius, Wet Leg, Beach House), ‘Talking Around’ continues to showcase Better Joy’s enticing fusion of contrast and the ability to balance dark lyrical content with exhilarating melodies for a unique take on alternative pop.

Bria says; “’Talking Around’ tells the story of a fall out and calling out someone who twists the truth to suit their own perceptions and reputation. Trust is a powerful bond and when broken, it’s destructive. You end up hearing their muddled-up version of events, and it can show a side of that person you didn’t know was there. It makes you question the entire relationship you had and also your own judgment of other people, sometimes making it harder to let people into your life.”

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