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Photo credit: Ashley Osborn

Bishop Briggs releases powerful new single ‘Revolution’

In the midst of a massive 2022, multi-platinum singer-songwriter Bishop Briggs reveals an explosive and energetic new single entitled ‘Revolution’ via RCA Records UK.

The track’s breathy verses give way to a rapid cadence on the bridge in lockstep with a military-style drum march. As the momentum reaches a breaking point, she screams, “Welcome to my revolution,” while guitar and 808s wail beneath her strong declaration. The vocals swing from what resembles a manic internal dialogue to a pure cathartic howl.

About the song, she commented, “‘Revolution’ is the answer to my feverish desire to find strength wherever I can amidst this painful time. I have found it deeply healing to project power into my music even if I’m feeling powerless in my own life. My goal is for someone out there to hear this song and feel not only capable but invincible!”

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