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Bloom Twins share new single ‘Beats Not Bombs’

Ukrainian-born, London-based identical twin dark-pop duo Bloom Twins unveil their second single of 2023, ‘Beats Not Bombs’ via This Fiction. The track came on the International Day of Peace (Sept 21) and follows ‘Drunk & Loud’, an emphatic celebration of the underdog. International Day of Peace holds a global significance; it aims to reduce violence and strengthen the ideals of peace around the world. The choice to release on this day is a conscious one, with the twins aiming to further amplify their message of unity and eradication of wars and violence.

‘Beats Not Bombs’ is an earworm, a cathartic sugar rush dedicated to the relief music can provide during hardship. Seemingly sweet at first glance, the song’s lyrics take a darker turn, zeroing in on feeling “sick and tired” and “the war inside” [their] own mind” after being burdened with the weight and devastation caused by the war in Ukraine. The twins say, “since the war in Ukraine began, writing upbeat tunes felt meaningless. However, we channelled our pain into music, the tool more potent than any weapon. Think of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’. With our song ‘Beats Not Bombs’, we urge the world to stand with Ukraine. Let’s create beats, not bombs, and build rather than destroy.”

In light of their compelling message, Bloom Twins have furthered their commitment to promote peace by partnering with the renowned charity, War Child. War Child is an international organisation that stands by children affected by conflict, using various interventions including music. Now, in partnership with Bloom Twins, they are unveiling an exclusive T-shirt inspired by the ‘Beats Not Bombs’ track. 100% of the profits of these T-shirts will be donated to War Child, aiding their relentless efforts to safeguard, educate and empower children in conflict regions, including in Ukraine.

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