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Track of the Week: ‘Pretty In Pink’ by Bloom Twins

Building on the momentum of their compelling singles ‘Drunk & Loud’ and ‘Beats Not Bombs’, Ukrainian-born, London–based identical twin dark-pop duo Bloom Twins have unleashed ‘Pretty in Pink’ via This Fiction, another arresting single that continues their streak of sharing energising, fearless and poignant music.

Playfully audacious, the song captures the essence of a wild and untamed spirit. Rife with brisk, upbeat drums, bright and booming bass and punchy, rich riffs, anthemic ‘Pretty In Pink’ embraces living life on the edge.

“The lyrics tell the story of a girl who is unapologetically herself, living life on her own terms and leaving a lasting impression on everyone she encounters. She is a force of nature, a paradox of sweetness and chaos, and the song aims to encapsulate her complexity.” say the twins. “Ultimately, it is a celebration of living boldly and embracing the unpredictable nature of life, all while acknowledging the potential consequences that can come with it.”

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