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Photo credit: Brianna Da Silva

Blusher are supercharged on new single ‘Accelerator’

Today, Melbourne-based pop-trio Blusher share their new single, ‘Accelerator’ – a high speed, high octane anthem for fan of driving fast, out now everywhere via Atlantic Records/Warner Music Australia.

Speaking on the creation of the new single, Blusher shares; “‘Accelerator’ feels like Blusher with the saturation turned up to 200%. ‘Accelerator’ is a big budget action movie, it’s a late-night highway chase, it’s James Bond in drag.

“It was our first day working with producer Donny Bravo. We knew of his work on the Disclosure album (which we’ve played in our DJ sets a lot) and were super excited to work with him. We’d been out late the night before to see a Tove Lo + Associanu DJ set, so we started the day with a lot of coffee, feeling really inspired to make something hard-hitting and dancey. We were so caffeinated, buzzing with intense creative energy.

“Our process when writing is to take turns with a handheld mic and sing whatever melodies come into our head without overthinking it. Jade got on the mic and immediately sang the line “sometimes I feel like I want to jump out of a helicopter” – from then we knew it was going to be a slightly unhinged day (in the best way.)’

“We spent the rest of the day jumping around the room (literally), saying yes to the ideas that made us laugh, and just committing to the fast-paced feeling. We have so much fun together in the studio and you can really hear that come through in this song. We’re grateful to Donny for accepting our chaotic vibes with open arms and matching that energy in production with gritty basslines and pulsing synths.

“‘Accelerator’ is about the feeling of turning the intensity up on life – leaning into the chaos and embracing the feeling of racing in the fast lane without really knowing where you’re going. It’s also about jumping headfirst into a feeling, and being the kind of person who can’t help but push down the accelerator.”

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