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Photo credit: Synne Sofi Bønes

Bo Milli releases radiant indie-rock single ‘I’m in’

Bergen, Norway-based indie-rock starlet Bo Milli has released new single ‘I’m in’, the radiant final taster of her upcoming debut EP Making Friends out October 19.

New single and EP closer ‘I’m in’ finds Bo Milli in the heat of an argument. Questioning from the offset “do people change?” to a backdrop of subtle atmospheric production flourishes, the floodgates then open as the song swings into its crushing indie-rock chorus, with Milli smartly capturing the essence of the feud “When we last spoke, we fought / I blew it up / But believe it or not / What I said, I said it for us”.

Again working alongside frequent collaborator Odd Martin (Sigrid, Sløtface) on production, and co-written with Albin Eidhagen and Tore Bojsten of Stockholm band Sötnos, Bo Milli discussed the creation of the song and its lyrical meaning:

“I wrote the song with Tore and Albin in Stockholm, starting with a nylon acoustic through some pedals. It was getting quite late when we came up with a chorus we really liked but realised it didn’t work at the tempo we had set. We tried to speed everything up, but that didn’t work for the verse. That’s how this track ended up with a couple of switch-ups in tempo: I love the energy it brings into the choruses. It’s about saying something very hurtful but true in the heat of an argument and regretting how it was said but knowing that it couldn’t remain unsaid. If we can work through this, then I’m in.”

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