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Photo credit: Ian Hippolyte

BODUR arrives with debut EP ÖZ and shares the video for ‘MUMMY’

Today London-born, Turkish-Sri-Lanken musician BODUR releases her debut 3-track EP single ÖZ via PACE. Translated from Turkish, ÖZ means ‘self’, reflecting the concept that sees BODUR zoom into particular stages of people’s lives that are particularly transformative.

Spanning over 3 tracks, she effortlessly weaves through themes of youth, growth, and rebirth, offering a political and personal project. The EP captures three stages of transformation that document a journey of self-acceptance aimed to inspire South Asian and Middle Eastern women plagued by battles of identity. ÖZ presents a sound that sits within BODUR’s own alternative realm of electronic music which can only be described as mesmerising, sensual and powerful.

Having launched in April, BODUR took listeners on a poetic journey with ‘GORGEOUS’, which explored what it means for her to belong to multiple cultures. She followed up with most recent release, ‘DON’T BEAT THE SWEET OUT OF MY BOY’ alongside long-term friend Denzel Himself, an ode to the grip toxic masculinity can hold over young men.

BODUR formed a creative relationship with model and director Jade O’Belle who directed videos for ‘GORGEOUS’ and new video ‘MUMMY’ that aligns with the EP’s release. The usage of mirrors throughout Jade’s work is a symbol of reflection, self-image, gaze and perspective – along with warm tones of orange and red – to highlight the concepts of the project.

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