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Photo credit: Ian Hippolyte

BODUR launches with debut single ‘GORGEOUS’

Today, London-born, Turkish-Sri-Lankan musician BODUR releases her debut single ‘GORGEOUS’ via PACE. Completely pivoting from her journey under Chloe Bodur, her new alias BODUR marks her evolution as an artist and births a new creative chapter for 2023 and beyond.

“An ode to her diaspora daughters”, on ‘GORGEOUS’ BODUR explores what it means to her to belong to multiple cultures and the beauty and struggles that comes with that. Poetic metaphors such as “look what you did for your daughters, brown bread, buttered and gorgeous” represent words of appreciation for her ancestors who broke down barriers for generations that follow. Further capturing what it means to have a multi-hyphenated identity, the 25-year-old summarises the thoughts of women of colour in her own alternative realm of electronic music.

“’GORGEOUS’ defines what’s expected of a girl from my background, learning to love myself and my heritage,” explains the artist. “Every line questions what it means to be “home”. I have a constant feeling of wanting full acceptance from my Turkish and Sri Lankan roots without settling into one binary identity. It’s all about accepting the middle space, defying what’s expected of you, and loving yourself despite the barriers we’ve faced.”

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