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Born Days shares new single ‘Deep Empty (DMT Feelings)’

Born Days is the conceptual darkwave synth-pop project from Chicago-based multi-instrumentalist singer, songwriter, and producer Melissa Harris. Her debut full-length album My Little Dark is set to release on October 6 through AudioSport Records.

Harris explains how new single ‘Deep Empty’ came to be: “Some people have described intensely emotional or painful experiences as similar to psychedelic experiences. This song is about deep and dark feelings that always seem to try and take over my mind. I take them to task and try to eradicate them for good. This experience can take me to a psychedelic place in my brain where little ghosts and memories dance around.

“I wrote this song as a little note on my phone in the middle of the night. Writing songs is sometimes the only thing that can help me get through my days, so I guess that’s why I keep making music. It’s just a thing that helps me survive on this planet. I have no idea what the songs are going to turn into when I start them. I love experimenting with sampling my vocals and turning them into synths and instruments. I like to create layers with delays and reverbs. I love to experiment with creating all kinds of sounds using samples that I manipulate and affect a million times until I don’t even know how I made them. There are tons of sounds on this record that I made by experimenting with granular and wavetable synths for hours and hours and hours. I usually pitch, stretch, and re-time synths, guitars, drum samples, or my voice to make intricate patterns and polyrhythms. I know this music may never be commercially accepted, it is very esoteric and dark. This music may not be for everyone. but I hope that the people who need it will find it. I think it can be healing music for those people who find themselves in a dark place.”

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