You are currently viewing Bugeye channel 90s teenage soul in ‘Dancing Out In The Dark’

Bugeye channel 90s teenage soul in ‘Dancing Out In The Dark’

New-Wave-Disco-Punk band Bugeye release new single ‘Dancing Out In The Dark’ – their first release of 2023. With dirty guitars, disco beats, sizzling synths and exploding bass riffs – Bugeye are your new favourite band.

‘Dancing Out In The Dark,’ a song about the nostalgia of meeting friends late at night when you were a teenager, captures the essence of adolescence and takes us back to a more carefree period of life when you’re on the verge of big changes. The single highlights each member’s talent for rhythms and melodies while capturing the spirit of bands like The Subways, Ash, Elastica, and Blur.

Bugeye’s front woman and lead guitarist Angela Martin said of the track “Myself, Lisa and Paula wrote this song together at Storm studios in North London. The song came together quite quickly with bouncing ideas of each other to construct each section of the song – we played around with stripping the song back to its bare bones and building each section from there. We then took the song to producer Paul Tipler to record over a couple of days.”

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