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Here we will be sharing the unmissable new tracks from some of the most exciting up and coming artists in music right now on the roster at Liberty Music PR

T R U V O N N E – ‘Honest’
Alternative R&B artist T R U V O N N E has enlightened our souls with her captivating new offering ‘Honest’. Transcendent vocals meet an atmospheric soundscape on this truly unique release.

ALIAH – ‘I Want You’
ALIAH’s sensual new release ‘I Want You’ truly tantalises the senses with its glistening synths and intimate vocals. Inspired by the feeling of being ghosted by a potential new love interest, the track combines an intensely laid-back soundscape with a relatable message delving into how she felt after six days of no communication with someone she thought there was a spark with.

Ríoghnach Connolly & Honeyfeet – ‘How Could I’
Still residing as BBC Radio 2 Folk Singer of the Year, Ríoghnach Connolly’s taste for musical adventure remains eclectic and adventurous as ever. Along with her companion players, Honeyfeet, they collectively drive a broad terrain of musical textures from esoteric protest songs to foot-tapping and floor-thumping dance rhythms on their new album It’s Been A While Buddy.

Adée – ‘Call My Mom’ featuring Kirsten Joy
After captivating us with a broad and adventurous array of releases these last few years, including her breakthrough single ‘World On Fire’ featuring on the soundtrack to the hit Netflix series Gentified, Swedish artist Adée has now returned to deliver her heartfelt new offering ‘Call My Mom’.

Evie Asio – ‘Love Is Low’
Creating a journey through sounds and words is at the centre of Evie Asio’s musical world. In the same way that every good story cannot be fully digested in one read, she draws on decades of genres and artistic influences to evoke something that is multi-layered and complex in feeling. Evie Asio has just dropped her alternative soul and jazz track ‘Love is Low’.

Faye Meana – ‘Stuck In The Middle’
London-based singer, songwriter and producer Faye Meana is a blossoming talent with a modern take on pop and RnB. For her latest single, ‘Stuck In The Middle’, Faye unveils a classy, undeniably captivating 80s-influenced affair.

Caylene – ‘Don’t Take It Personal’
23-year-old, Australia-based talent Caylene makes music beyond her years, channelling the vibes of artists including Tinashe, Doja Cat and Justine Skye. After captivating us with a string of alluring releases since making her debut in 2019, Caylene has now returned to deliver her heartfelt new offering ‘Don’t Take It Personal’ – an empowering track destined to resonate with listeners all across the globe.

Tawiah – ‘Child’
Lose yourself in the soulful world of singer-songwriter Tawiah’s poignant second album, Ertha, created in collaboration with artist Al Moore. Ertha is a concept album, created collaboratively through a process of storytelling and musical interpretation.

Bugeye – ‘Signs & Exits’
Queer alternative rock band Bugeye release their latest single ‘Signs & Exits’, produced by Paul Tipler (Elastica, Clockwork, Barnes Courtney, Placebo). Hailing from Croydon, London, the band is quickly getting a name for themselves, serving up catchy hooks, dirty guitar riffs and sizzling synths.

t.RUTH – ‘I Don’t Need To Be Saved’
Homegrown Irish artist Ruth Brosnan is well-versed in the art of anthemic productions. Following the development of an uplifting pop-packed catalogue of sonic goodness, the rising songstress now seeks to uncover a more raw, direct style of storytelling. Armed with a new take on infectious pop productions and of course her signature 80’s infused sound, Ruth now returns to the spotlight with ‘I Don’t Need To Be Saved’, effortlessly transitioning into her newest moniker t.RUTH.

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