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BUZZ announces self-produced debut EP & shares celestial track, ‘Universe’

Los Angeles-based electro-pop artist BUZZ announces her otherworldly, self-produced debut EP On Matters Of Searching. Alongside the announcement, BUZZ shares the first taste of the forthcoming project with single ‘Universe’ out everywhere now. The electronic inspired, quantum thoroughfare finds the songwriter hypothesizing the definition of all life’s common threads.

Crafted mostly during a trip to the mountains outside of Los Angeles, the self-produced forthcoming EP On Matters Of Searching is an eight track examination of humanity, nature, science and healing filled with confessional lyrics and inventive production. Granular synth beds and tasteful choirs lace many of the songs along with sounds of satellites falling out of earshot and percussion from field recordings of branches being stepped on or water dripping off stalactites from an ancient undiscovered cave. BUZZ says the EP, “is a love letter to a life beyond humanity, and beyond time. It’s a wormhole I’ve dreamed of entering and gladly losing myself in.”

Out now, BUZZ opens up a new realm with her latest single ‘Universe.’ The track is written and produced by BUZZ herself and even features a field recording of icicles melting from the isolated mountainside cabin it was created in. Against a backdrop of textural percussion and blooming, ambient synths, she sings of “a grain of sand so small until you zoom in” and claims “we met long ago just in different forms,” staying true to her philosophical core and masterfully merging it with her artistic identity.

Diving into how the track came about, BUZZ explains, “I think about these big concepts a lot, somehow they put me at ease. I love seeing the synchronicities in nature from the way humans are formed to the way stars are formed, the way all things can be zoomed in on to infinitely discover more things and vice versa zooming out.” Rather than being afraid of how vast the universe really is, she embraces it, and seeks to learn more. BUZZ continues, “I’m happily burdened by an emotional reaction to the never-ending space that we’re suspended in atop this little magical rock swirling through the galaxy. ‘Universe’ is about all life, and its limitlessness.”

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