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Photo credit: Darius Vaikas

Cucuun debuts with electro-pop single ‘Hyperdoubt’

Danish multidisciplinary artist, Cucuun, steps onto the scene and invites us into her thoughts with her debut single ‘Hyperdoubt’. With a vulnerable vocal and an atmospheric electro-pop production, she paints a colorful picture of the experience of being trapped in her own head, where a paralyzing combination of grandiosity and self-criticism has taken control.

“I’ve been kinda homebound lately, trying to do the things they tell me,” she sings, describing the feeling of being unable to act – even with the insights and tools she has gradually acquired through years of focusing on her own inner development. A waiting position in deep longing to break free from an overwhelming doubt in her own judgment.

‘Hyperdoubt’ starts as an honest and introverted song, but quietly builds up to a euphoric wall of synths and vocals, opening up to Cucuun’s grandiose and hyper-organic universe, which the listener is invited to embrace. “I know there’s no wrong or right, but I’m trying to find it” is her impatient realization that she is still stuck trying to figure life out with her head, and that she is trapped in the belief that there is a right and a wrong way to do things.

There is something pitiful and self-deprecating about the lyrics, but at the same time something sincere and self-aware. The song is written from a self-pitying perspective, where Cucuun exposes both herself and her fellow human beings’ ego-driven minds. “Please, applaud me,” she almost whispers in the middle of the song, with a desperate hope that external recognition would be able to relieve the pressure from herself. The song deals with the grief of unfulfilled potential. The potential for a lot of beautiful experiences, she could have lived in that time, which was wasted on longing for something bigger – and thus missing out on what is.

With ‘Hyperdoubt’, Cucuun wants to pass on that message to her fellow overthinkers and hopefully bring the listeners out of their heads and into a little closer contact with their sensing body. ‘Hyperdoubt’ is produced in close collaboration with Frederik Meldgaard, who is also part of the Danish duo, I Sky.

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