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charlieeeee releases new single ‘BUMPED IN THE HEAD’ feat. Ellie Dixon

charlieeeee may only have released two singles as the lead artist, but you’ve been hearing their work for years without realising it. As an award-winning producer, engineer, songwriter and creative director, charlieeeee has collaborated with the likes of RAYE, Fred again.., MNEK, piri & tommy, venbee and GIRLI, to name a few. Now, their focus turns to releasing their own music, and welcoming us to charlieeeee’s world, their expansive cinematic universe.

The style of charlieeeee’s music defies easy categorisation, but blends elements of indie with the relentless energy of jungle breakbeats, all seasoned with an infectious, hyper-pop-inspired top line. Their sound is delightfully playful, which translates seamlessly into wild, high-energy live performances.

‘BUMPED IN THE HEAD’ is charlieeeee’s second single, and features Ellie Dixon. Speaking about the track, charlieeeee says: “The song is about not fitting in, and having that pounding voice in your head that says ‘you’re not quite doing it right!’ I want people to remember, ‘this time, it might be different!’ You will find your people and you will have the fun you are craving. The aim of the song is to bring a lighthearted side to what can feel like quite a serious world, in or outside your head.”

The single is accompanied by a new video, directed by Lilly Shickle and executive-produced by charlieeeee. The video is the second instalment of the charlieeeee’s world trilogy, following ‘EASY’ featuring piri, which saw charlieeeee crash-land to earth, and develop a blossoming romance with a blow-up doll, Meredith. In ‘BUMPED IN THE HEAD’, charlieeeee and Meredith continue their exploration of the human world, familiarising themselves with everyday earthly pleasures, like dance battles and cake fights.

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