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charlieeeee releases new single ‘XTREME CIRCUMSTANCES’ and announces debut EP DOGBOWL

charlieeeee is excited to release their new single, ‘XTREME CIRCUMSTANCES’ .They have also announced details of their debut EP, DOGBOWL, which will be released June 14 on Relentless Records.

‘XTREME CIRCUMSTANCES’ is written and produced by charlieeeee and completes the charlieeeee’s world trilogy, following their first two singles, ‘EASY’ featuring piri and ‘BUMPED IN THE HEAD’ featuring Ellie Dixon. It’s charlieeeee’s first solo release and taps into more sensitive territory, exploring themes of losing loved ones and running away from your problems. The vulnerability in the lyrics is mirrored in the track’s raw production, experimenting with live breakbeats and drums, and forgoing the conventional pop song structure for a more rhapsodic composition. It feels like a natural conclusion to the trilogy, retaining the relentless energy and hyper-pop fusion of the first two tracks, only this time the energy feels more cathartic and emotionally-charged; screaming and dancing your heart out to process your feelings.

The single is accompanied by a new video to complete the trilogy, directed by Lilly Shickle and executive-produced by charlieeeee. The video for ‘EASY’ saw charlieeeee crash-land to Earth and find love, then ‘BUMPED IN THE HEAD’ followed charlieeeee as they explored Earth and found their community. Now, ‘XTREME CIRCUMSTANCES’ sees charlieeeee discover their love of music and live performance, while grappling with the feeling that they should return to their home planet and address the problems they’ve been evading. The video features footage from charlieeeee’s recent Beyblade tournament, which is becoming a tradition among their community of fans, friends and collaborators. It concludes with the first glimpse of the charlieeeee’s world Minecraft server, which will launch this Summer as an innovative digital space for live performances, collaboration and creativity.

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