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Chloe Ann returns with high powered new single ‘Put Me Second’

Pop-rock newcomer Chloe Ann has returned with new single ‘Put Me Second’, as she boldly faces up to the times she’s let down her loved ones.

Honing in on her high powered signature sound with live drums and guitar riffs, ‘Put Me Second’ shares Chloe Ann’s feelings of remorse for unintentionally neglecting those around her. Balancing her regret with pent-up anger, her soaring vocals are filled with emotion and delivered in anthemic style.

Speaking of the inspiration behind the track, Chloe Ann explains: “When I wrote ‘Put Me Second’ I was in a really low place and was in a spiral of feeling super negative and out of control. I felt like I had unintentionally neglected my friendships, family and most of all my partner. I didn’t realise how much I had gotten caught up in my head and in my own struggles that I had ultimately not checked in on the people that mean the most to me. I tell the story of how I didn’t see that someone I love dearly was having a really tough time and struggling. Throughout the song I go through the emotions of feeling frustrated, disappointed in myself and ultimately the realisation that I need to look out for my loved ones. The lyrics detail the stages of me acknowledging my mistakes and wanting to be better and do better.”

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