You are currently viewing Chubby Cat releases D’n’B infused alt-pop ‘KISSIN IN THE VALLEY-O’
Photo credit: Aislinn McGinn

Chubby Cat releases D’n’B infused alt-pop ‘KISSIN IN THE VALLEY-O’

Rising star of Irish alt-pop Chubby Cat releases fantastic new track ‘KISSIN’ IN THE VALLEY-O’.

On ‘Kissin’ In The Valley-O’ Cat explains… “I wanted to create a song that was relevant to me and the people around me in terms of growing up in our 20’s and 30’s. KITVO talks about the housing crisis and the struggles people face when trying to rent somewhere to live that’s not too expensive, too damp or unsafe, worrying about having money for food or money for electricity, breathing in all kinds of mould and getting sick as a result, trying to keep relationships going when you live with housemates who you don’t get along with etc.

“Using a modest home studio, sampling things like pencils tapping on the table top and scraping blue tac wrappers up and down, myself and Kris wanted to capture a new energy in this song.

“It makes me very happy that I’m able to release a song that was made with one of my closest friends in his home with nothing fancy, just real conversations and genuine feelings and emotions. Creating songs that are relatable for myself, other indie Artists and other people in general is really important to me and I like to think we’ve done that with this new track.”

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