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Nikki White shares new track & video ‘Fairweather Friends’

Canadian singer-songwriter, Nikki White, defines her music as dark pop with a message. Her newest single, ‘Fairweather Friends’ is no exception.

“I wrote this song in Los Angeles with my two friends, Jordyn Kane and Aaron Blackmar,” shares White. “When I went into the session, I had an idea swirling around for a song with the words ‘fairweather friends.’ I got the idea from my boyfriend the night before, actually. I was complaining about some old friends and how they ditched me when things got bad. My boyfriend told me to ‘let go of those fairweather friends.’ I think he got the phrase from the Kadhja Bonet song.”

To create the video for ‘Fairweather Friends,’ White collaborated with director Alexander Sworik. “We wanted to capture the feeling we used to get when watching music videos on a Sunday morning back in the day,” says White. “We approached the shoot with a loose plan and tons of energy. And we shot it in my hometown, trying to capture anything and everything we thought looked cool. By the way, my friend in the video has been my best friend in real life for 22 years.”

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