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Photo credit: Zak Watson

Circe releases euphoric new single ‘Blue Love’

London dark-pop artist Circe releases anthemic single ‘Blue Love’ today – a colossal dream-pop track that erupts into a euphoric crescendos from its first beat. Circe has crafted an intoxicating power-ballad hit.

Circe explains that ‘Blue Love’ is a sonic retelling of the 21st century relationship epidemic ‘Love Bombing’. If love is a drug, Circe wanted this track ‘to feel like it has completely intoxicated your veins’. As darkly romantic as it is empowering – the track’s production is equally lush in its low end vocal takes, as it is outrageous in its maximalist synths.

‘Blue Love’ plays out like a movie, where listeners journey though enrapturing lyrics and anthemic choruses. Circe speaks about “wanting to sonically create something that commanded the same adrenaline of being love-bombed.”

The track resolves with rapturous anthemic choral crescendo, alongside the jugular vein-cutting lyric: ‘You got what you wanted – let the sun come rot it’. The lines are an empowering statement from Circe who says, “I needed the track to resolve this way lyrically as I wanted to claim power back from Love Bombing/GasLighting stories. That gut dropping moments, when the love-bomber suddenly retracts their hyper focussed attention, freezing out their conquests , and leaving them shrouded in shame. These lyrics say ”no you can’t gaslight or shame us – we see you – you got what you wanted – now go rot!”

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