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Claire Davis breaks toxic cycles with uplifting new single ‘Times Have Changed’

A jewel of Canada’s Soul scene, Toronto-based retro-soul artist Claire Davis shares her new uplifting and groovy single ‘Times Have Changed’, today via LRK Records. The track is the second single from Davis’s forthcoming debut LP, Get it Right, slated for release in Spring 2023.

‘Times Have Changed’ came together collaboratively with some of Canada’s best in the Soul and R&B game. Toronto production house Safe Spaceship (Scott McCannell, Chino de Villa, and Ben MacDonald) composed the music who then brought the track to Davis to compose the melody and lyrics with the help of Kyla Charter. La-Nai Gabriel completed the track with a powerful horn arrangement – performed by Northern Soul Horns (Arkells). Staying true to a retro sound, the bedtracks of ‘Times Have Changed’ were laid down to a 1- inch 8-track tape machine, using Davis’s first vocal take in the final mix.

Davis shares the meaning behind the track: “The lyrics are a very real account of me trying to figure out my path in life- realizing that I am the one who needs to break toxic cycles in my family and be in charge of my own healing for myself and future generations. There’s a lot of pain in that newfound awareness as it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and lonely in the process; but the more I’ve invested in myself, the more hopeful I’ve become. The idea that we don’t have to be tied to anyone else’s journey or choices is a very freeing thing and something I am avidly chasing. I imagine there are many people who would resonate with this message and I hope it inspires them to doubt themselves a little less and love themselves a little more.”

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