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Photo credit: Rosie Sco

Cloth release new single and video, ‘Never Know’

Glasgow-based twin-sibling duo Cloth (Rachael and Paul Swinton) are excited to release their new single ‘Never Know’, taken from their upcoming album Secret Measure, out May 5.

Underpinned by a playful and moody groove, Rachael’s icy delivery on ‘Never Know’ is warmed by a lush and elegant backdrop of instrumentation that carries the song through five gorgeous minutes.

Paul says of the track – “’Never Know’ was born from a really big, dark-sounding groove we came up with quite early on in the album’s writing process. We had a lot of fun building the track up in the studio and plundering Ali Chant’s synth collection. Lyrically, the song is a little different to the others on the record as it deals more with unrequited feelings and how to process them. It sounds a little bleak in places but it’s not a song of despair, but rather one of acceptance and recognition of the steps you (reluctantly) need to take to get over someone for good.”

Alongside, the band have also released a visual for ‘Never Know’, directed by Bristol’s Clump Collective. Clump Collective described the video creative process – “We wanted the video for ‘Never Know’ to feel as if you’re a voyeur on a journey into the unknown. We follow Rachael and Paul as they take a nocturnal car journey, trusting in them to bring us along for the ride. Rachael leads us to a mysterious door in a field – mirroring the Secret Measure album cover. We don’t understand where the door leads to or why it’s there, but the people queueing in front of it look pretty familiar…”

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