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Photo credit: Rosie Sco

Cloth share new track ‘Ambulance’

Glasgow-based twin-sibling duo Cloth (Rachael and Paul Swinton) are excited to unveil the final track released ahead of their upcoming album Secret Measure (out this Friday).

‘Ambulance’ showcases the album’s subtler side, conjuring an anxious temper that feels wholly compelling, the mood enhanced by the use of an instrument called a Santoor which adds a new melodic and percussive element to their sound while highlighting the album’s experimental traits.

Paul had to say about the track – “‘Ambulance’ is about dealing with the aftermath of losing touch with someone who was a really influential person in your life. It explores the feeling of being lost in the remembrance of that person and what they meant to you. The song came together unusually quickly for us over a couple of baking hot summer days in Bristol and features an amazing percussive Indian instrument called a santoor which belonged to our producer, Ali Chant. The whole writing and recording of this song was so organic and exciting. It’s our favourite track from the record.”

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