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corner club announce new EP with track and video ‘whenever you’re ready’

Today, San Francisco based indie pop duo corner club announce their self-produced earnest, whimsical EP in the rearview mirror due out October 6. Alongside the announcement, the pair share a new taste of the forthcoming project with petty, playful track and DIY video ‘whenever you’re ready’ out everywhere now.

The pair’s self-produced second EP, the forthcoming sincere, dreamy in the rearview mirror, sonically paints a poignant portrait of life’s highs and lows. It softly and effortlessly flows between songs that carry a familiar warmth and a raw, inviting openness that command considerable, worthwhile attention. Created in the midst of a cross-country move, the EP maintains the intimate story-telling and playful ambience of past releases while exploring new directions in genre, intensity, and emotion, showcasing the duo’s evolving sonic identity.

‘whenever you’re ready,’ is a petty, biting anthem addressed to an ex and his hypothetical new girlfriend. The track opens simply with, “I hope you’re not ok,” eventually building up to a chorus where nothing is held back: “I hope she’s flawless so you feel insecure.” Throwing punchline after punchline, the song features an indie rock meets bedroom pop style, accompanied by a DIY music video. On the inspiration for the song and the profound honesty heard throughout, Du shares, “We channeled all of the mean energy in our bodies into this song. I would never want to wish truly bad things upon someone I once dated, but would I want them to feel the same insecurity that they caused me? Sure, maybe just a little.” Adding a nod to the band’s inspirations, Du continues, “We drew inspiration from the likes of Lucy Dacus and Mitski, artists with soothing vocals but sometimes bombastic instrumentals, to play off the simultaneously biting and whimsical nature of the song.”

The track’s accompanying video, directed by the Emily Lin, sees the pair acting out the hypothetical scenarios that unfold throughout the song. Producer and guitarist Michael Zhang explains, “The story of the video basically has Sav following around her ex, watching mischievously as he meets a new girl, only for things not to work out (with the help of a little sabotage from Sav). At the end, there’s a bit of a romcom trope, where the new girl meets the old girl and they commiserate over their shared experiences.”

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