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FRANKIIE announces new LP Between Dreams, shares ‘Garden’ single

Vancouver indie-pop outfit FRANKIIE announces the forthcoming release of their sophomore LP, Between Dreams, due out June 2 via Paper Bag Records. To kick off the release cycle, they have also shared the record’s first single, ‘Garden.’

Speaking on the track, keyboardist/vocalist Nashlyn Lloyd writes: “‘Garden’ was inspired by writing retreats to the northern Sunshine Coast of BC where we could detach from the intensity of urban life and focus on music together. We would write all afternoon in the cabin, and take a break to slow down and watch the stars expand forever. The stillness I feel while listening to the ocean or being surrounded by trees is always something I am longing to reconnect with while living life in the city.”

Between Dreams is psychedelic in the way that makes the best works of psychedelia timeless, existential, and exciting. The record’s sonic world, which weaves between reverb-soaked dream-pop, vintage classic-rock, bedroom-psych, and beachy shoegaze, presents the dreamy and the real as one continuum between which there are no borders, and where magic abounds all over.

Between Dreams:

  1. Visions
  2. Garden
  3. Rich
  4. Crystal Eyes
  5. Passionfruit
  6. Down For You
  7. Cruel
  8. Right On Time
  9. Stone
  10. Golden Days
Photo credit: Zachary Vague

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