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Photo credit: Willow Shields

Cosmorat annouce debut EP & share new single ‘No Sleep’

After the sonically rich and varied singles ‘Backseat Baby’ and ‘S.A.D L.U.V’, Cosmorat are releasing their debut EP Evil Adjacent, alongside the new offering ‘No Sleep’.

Reflecting on anxieties, boredom, and despair, Cosmorat detail growing up in questionable circumstances while loving thy neighbour as thyself (even if thy neighbour is the devil himself). Evil Adjacent journeys through several different tales of girlhood, abusive relationships, social anxieties, and loving those that can’t love you back. Cosmorat use textures and vocal arrangements to invoke the listeners imagination and put them into these situations

The EP’s lead single ‘No Sleep’ perfectly heightens these new ambitions the band have been developing of late. With its bright and shimmering tones perfectly set to some wondrous vocals throughout, Cosmorat continue to push the boundaries of their indie-pop aesthetic once again.

Speaking about the new track, they said, “‘No Sleep’ is a rumination on a loved one struggling with mental illness and addiction. I wrote this one night after a harrowing phone call with my mom about someone really close to us. Sometimes, since moving away from home, I am feeling like I am missing out on important life events from my family. Often, when I am feeling helpless and far away, I stay up all night thinking about the worst possible outcomes and how I can’t immediately be at home and help.

“Throughout the song, I recall some conversations I’ve had with people before they fell into a vicious cycle of addiction. It is sort of pointing out warning signs that I recognised long before they became addicts, but how we eventually grew apart due to isolation and pushing everyone away.

“The song opens with vocals all singing their own melody lines, which seem to form and fuse into a choral arrangement in the woods. As it builds into the end, it becomes a circular cycle with string parts and a vocal canon of over worrying and staying up all night praying that things will be ok. The repetition mirrors the anxious thoughts that run over and over and over all night long.”

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