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Photo credit: Willow Shields

Cosmorat introduce themselves with bouncy debut single ‘Backseat Baby’

After spending the last few years building and developing a distinctive direction for themselves, London-based US outfit Cosmorat are now ready to introduce themselves to the scene as they deliver their bouncing debut single ‘Backseat Baby’, produced by Husky Loops’ Danio Forni.

‘Backseat Baby’ is Cosmorat’s ode to being young and bored, searching for a third space in a decaying world. Focusing on themes of petty crimes and classism, they stack vocals and play with breakbeats to conjure kids doing nothing in a parking lot getting bullied by cops.

Adding about their new offering, Taylor from Cosmorat explains, “I wrote the chorus of this song one night at 4am while at my parents house after a long night of driving around and sitting in parking lots. I was thinking about all of the times my friends and I snuck out, got curfew violations, and were kicked out of stores and gas stations for loitering. There wasn’t much to do where I grew up, so we made fun out of nothing. It’s a bit of a rebellious celebration of trying to find your space in the world and being proud of your roots. I tried for a very long time to pretend to be someone I was not, and I think this song really helped me remember that my heart is a concrete jungle filled with graffiti. In my parents basement, we plugged a guitar into an old dusty bar amp my uncle gifted me when I was younger. Olly and I messed around with some break beats, and then Olly started playing guitar on top while I danced around singing different lyrics and rhythms. Eventually, we took the voice memo and stacked all of the best parts on top of each other.

“When Danio came into the picture, he really helped refine all of the beats and drum parts. We spent so many nights in the studio and his shed just trying out different sounds and different arrangements for the drums. I am so proud of what we were able to create because the end result feels like Cosmorat. This is what Cosmorat was always meant to be, and now it is here.”

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