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Coupdekat releases new single ‘BABYTEEF’

Genre defying newcomer Coupdekat is back with her second release ‘BABYTEEF’ – from her upcoming EP FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY, out June 22.

Instrumentally combining cyber style synths with breakbeats, ‘BABYTEEF’ takes inspiration from The 1975’s album Give Yourself A Try – a project that Coupdekat sites as ‘the soundtrack to her teenage years’. The second of three singles to come from her upcoming EP, ‘BABYTEEF’s’ bouncy production lays the perfect foundation for Coupdekat’s recognisable honey-eyed vocals as they crescendo into the tracks hook-filled chorus.

Speaking on the track Coupdekat says: “I wrote ‘BABYTEEF’ about growing up too fast and essentially pulling out my baby teeth before they were ready to fall out. Growing up with social media, I felt a huge expectation to look and act older than I was, and I feel like I lost a few of my tween/teen years, forcing adulthood and doing everything too soon. I also took some lyrical inspiration from ‘Babyteeth’, a coming-of-age film about a young girl falling in love with an older drug addict.”

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