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Coupdekat releases new track ‘it’s not you!’

Fast rising newcomer Coupdekat is back with the final release ‘it’s not you!’ – from her upcoming EP FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY, out June 22.

Fusing bouncy pop production, sound effects and the playful vocal melodies she’s becoming known for ‘it’s not you!’ is the third single from Coupdekat’s upcoming EP. Laced with lo-fi backing vocals and chanting choruses the young creative solidifies her empowering yet tongue-in-cheek style, as she sings “I can’t decide what I like, but it’s not you”, asserting herself and what she wants.

Talking on the track Coupdekat tells us: “‘It’s not you!’ is an empowering track about acknowledging ones desires and feelings rather than ignoring them. Following on from F.Y.E.O, I speak about sexuality and identity; both topics I’ve struggled with personally. My producer and I, Dom Anca wanted to create an upbeat dance/pop song with introspective lyrics and raw vocals, continuing to create a genre-bending sound. I only recently started working with Dom, but we immediately clicked and bonded over a shared vision of how these new tracks should sound. Unlike songs I’ve written previously, ‘it’s not you!’ is the first demo I wrote and composed on Logic from top to bottom, before bringing it to a producer. Surrounding myself with many talented female producers within the Loud LDN collective has motivated me to grow and develop my skills in the studio.”

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