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Daffodildos shout it loud with debut single ‘No Pride’

Hailing from the LGBTQIA+ capital of Brighton (UK), it’s clear from the outset that queer-trans punk band Daffodildos are here to shout about some challenging socio-political issues through their catchy songs, and have a lot of fun while they do it.

Having just played 2024’s Bearded Theory Festival, this trio of neon-painted misfits have dropped their first official single ‘No Pride’ with not-for-profit indie label Not Saints today.

In their own words singer/guitarist Emily Flea says: “I wrote it [No Pride] when I was on a bus in London during Pride Month, and I saw shops… banks… police cars with rainbow flags and I was like, ‘what’s this got to do with Pride’? They’re not with us, they’re against us!”.

‘No Pride’ is an easy to love punk classic. Summing up the commercialisation of Pride without sounding preachy or overdone. The song touches on the fact that people mostly use Pride as an excuse to party when actually the rest of the year, the LGBTQIA* community suffers from dangerous stigma and abuse.

The music is firmly rooted in early punk, topped with shouty vocals from Emily Flea, and a flurry of fast-paced drums from Annie von Flange. The trio is completed by Captain Jax on bass and suitably brassy backing vocals.

While the band don’t take themselves too seriously “the music is as bad as the name”, it’s clear that the Daffs are already making waves in the queer and punk scene, using their voices to speak up on ethical issues, including sobriety and veganism.

No matter whether you’re gay, straight, sober or even a fan of punk music, ‘No Pride’ promises to have you jumping around the room and giving both your middle fingers to the powers that be.

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