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Photo credit: Willa Baigelman

DAISY WORLD releases impassioned new single ‘so it goes’

DAISY WORLD, the project of multi-disciplinary LA-based artist Daisy Hamel-Buffa, releases the second taste of her long awaited debut solo album, new single ‘so it goes’. The new single follows last month’s ‘ur soggy’.

Soulful new single ‘so it goes’, self-produced alongside frequent collaborator Albert Jairo Gordon, places Daisy’s impeccable vocal front and centre as she reflects upon a previous relationship.

Of the new single, Daisy said: “‘so it goes’ is a celebratory obituary of a chaotically intense and extremely beautiful & impactful relationship that i had. the love, the anger, the grief all wrapped into one song. & being able to easily walk away smiling and grateful for what it was, instead of fighting for what it could have been.”

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