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Photo credit: Sunny Mercuriadis

DAISY WORLD releases new single ‘ur soggy’

DAISY WORLD is the solo project of multi-disciplinary LA-based artist Daisy Hamel-Buffa. Now she releases new single ‘ur soggy’, the first track to be shared from her long awaited debut solo album, due in 2024.

Self-produced alongside Albert Jairo Gordon, new single ‘ur soggy’ moves elegantly between indie R&B and alt-pop touch points. Rooted in defiance in the face of rejection (“I thought we were something cool / but you’re so fucking typical / we can break it down if you want to / either way I’m ok”), ‘ur soggy’ glides through its synth adorned verses, with Daisy perfectly crystallising the dizzying feeling of unease amidst a tumultuous relationship (“and it’s on again / and it’s off again”).

Of the new single, Daisy said: “‘ur soggy’ is a song about rejection… When I feel rejected, I tend to feel quite defensive lol so here I am being defensive & singing a silly little diss track.”

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