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Dela Kay drops sizzling new single ‘Nasty’

Alt-Pop sensation Dela Kay has once again captivated audiences with the release of her latest single, ‘Nasty.’ Co-written by Dela Kay herself, the track is a bold departure from her previous works, showcasing a daring and uninhibited side of the artist. Dela Kay reveals, “I got together with friends and co-writers, Ryan and Cas (Jordan A Casty), and I wanted to write a song that was different from all my other songs. I wanted to express another side of myself I don’t really share with my fans. Something that felt very ‘in your face’ and almost a fantasy type of song, showcasing what I feel is my alter ego, allowing myself to be blunt, sexy and just have a bit more fun.”

True to her vision, ‘Nasty’ incorporates a diverse range of musical elements, including pop, trap moments, and rock, all while maintaining an alternative sound at its core. Dela Kay’s exploration of her wild side is evident throughout the track, as she fearlessly embraces themes of sexuality and empowerment. Reflecting on the creative process behind the single, Dela Kay shares, “We started messing with this guitar riff I had saved in my voice memos, and soon after playing it over and over the melody and phrase ‘nasty’ came through. From there, we ran with the idea and had a lot of fun with it.”

Despite initial reservations, Dela Kay ultimately decided to share ‘Nasty’ with the world, driven by the overwhelmingly positive feedback she received. The song serves as a reminder to listeners to embrace their sexuality unapologetically and to revel in their own desires. “It’s about not being afraid to own your sexuality, no matter how you identify, and not being afraid to demand what you want and feel sexy,” says Dela Kay. “We all are secretly a little bit of a freak, so why not have fun with it. Being nasty is hot.”

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