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Dela Kay drops upbeat new single ‘Saving Face’

Alt-Pop sensation Dela Kay has released her latest single, ‘Saving Face,’ today. Marking her fourth single release from her upcoming EP, slated for release in the coming months, ‘Saving Face’ promises a rollercoaster ride of upbeat rhythms and cheeky lyrics.

“’Saving Face’ is about that person in your life getting their karma. Once they’ve dug their own grave of lies or BS, there’s no way they’re getting out of it (aka no way they’re “Saving Face”)” says Dela. Crafted in collaboration with her trusted producer and co-writer Stefano Pigliapoco, along with co-writer Nick Cozine, the song packs a punch with its infectious energy and in-your-face attitude. Drawing inspiration from pop-punk influences, ‘Saving Face’ is seamlessly infused with that signature Dela Kay edge.

The creative process behind ‘Saving Face’ was a whirlwind of excitement and synergy. “We got together and immediately vibed off each other’s energy,” shared Dela. “The melodies flowed effortlessly, and before we knew it, the lyrics fell into place.” Dela Kay is ecstatic about her latest release, expressing her anticipation for fans to experience the track’s infectious energy firsthand. “This song is a testament to embracing authenticity and standing firm in the face of adversity,” she exclaimed. “Super excited about this song and can’t wait for my fans to hear it!”

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