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Photo credit: Radka Letmeritz

Desire share new single ‘Darkside’

Desire is sharing new single ‘Darkside’ alongside the announcement of new album Games People Play, which will come out later this year via Italians Do It Better.

‘Darkside’ is the new slow burning single from Desire. It’s nocturnal synthwave in their classic cinema sound. Megan Louise’s voice levitates over heavy 808 drums pivoting between sultry Dream Pop and spoken word. Our heroine serenades us while the impressionistic haze of Johnny Jewel’s production casts it’s spell. It feels like the opening titles to a Neo-noire film…Games People Play.

“The song is about the invisible line we draw between our outer reality and our inner world,” say Desire. “The darkside is a meatphor for the unmasked internal space that we rarely share with strangers. A secret realm that never sees the light of day. On the endless hunt for love, we crave a deeper connection that can only come with truth. The mirror sees you…on the darkside. Crash into the starlight.”

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