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Pale Waves have shared a new track, ‘Jealousy’. It’s the latest preview of their forthcoming album Unwanted, which is set to arrive on August 12 via Dirty Hit. Heather Baron-Gracie says of the cut: “Some may see it as ridiculous, but I love a bit of jealousy – not too much, but just enough… I want jealousy in a relationship because it shows me the person only has eyes for me and me only.” Speaking about Unwanted, she continues: “It was really the only thing this album could be called. It’s bold and unapologetic, and that’s what the Pale Waves community is about. We don’t need to fit a perfect mould, we don’t need to apologise for being ourselves, and we won’t change for anyone. That acceptance is what connects us.” [via Dork]

Alice Longyu Gao has joined forces with Oli Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon for her latest single ‘Believe The Hype’. ‘Believe The Hype’ is Alice Longyu Gao’s first outing since January’s ‘To My White Boy Princess…’. The new song came to fruition through mutual admiration for each other’s work, and saw Sykes record vocals in Longyu Gao’s garage. Longyu Gao says of the release, which is accompanied by a video directed by Longyu Gao and Grace McCarthy, “I am an inventor. I am the type of artist that people need to enjoy the awesomeness in person. I am creating exceptional art, and I have to use 95% of my time to fight to be heard, to be seen, and to perform. At the end of the day I just want to make great art that lasts, that nurtures everyone, that heals me. However living in this capitalistic world gives me way too much anxiety, discrimination, and exhausation. ‘Believe The Hype’ is a temporary pill for myself to deal with all of that.” [via Line Of Best Fit]

Kero Kero Bonito’s Sarah Midori Perry (aka Sarah Bonito) has unveiled a new solo project called Cryalot, which she previously used as a DJ name. In August, she’ll release Cryalot’s debut EP, Icarus, which was produced by KKB touring member Jennifer Walton. Now, she’s releasing her first single, ‘Hell Is Here,’ which alternates between being aggressive and ominously sweet. “‘Hell Is Here’ is about defeat; it depicts the part of the Icarus story after he descends into the sea,” Perry shared in a statement. “It explores this feeling of despair and powerlessness. Our world can twist so suddenly into a place where our reasons to live bring us no joy anymore. Nothing is the same… and it won’t be the same again. Hell is not below us, it’s here.” [via Stereogum]

Desire return with their new video ‘Days & Nights’ – the seventh from their campy Escape saga, which came out last month via Italians Do It Better. The band have also announced a run of European shows for this November. Tossing and turning through the sleepless hours, ‘Days & Nights’ is a love song bruised with anxiety. Stardust sparkles in the night sky…while down below a brooding cloud hovers over the bed. Sometimes it’s difficult to see the amazing world around us as we tend to focus on the challenge right in front of us. Desire sings about graceful transcendence in the face of terror, “Love Is Stronger Than Us All”. If no man is island, we can still connect across the void, and even though a heart might feel broken…it’s still beating. That’s a good thing. The drums sync to the chambers of the primary organ of the circulatory system, while a soft arpeggio pumps like blood to the brain. “Going To Take A Little Time To Kill The Pain…” As for the ‘Days and Nights’ video, it’s an eye for an eye in this Sci Fi thriller killer. Our heroine stares deep inside the fortune teller’s crystal ball to a parallel dimension. As she sees herself strapped to the hood of a muscle car ala Mad Max, her fever dream comes to a boil. Blurring the timeline between past and future with a tall glass of green liquid, she quantum leaps. As cold blood pours from her eyes…she realizes she’s death proof.

Aotearoa alt-pop/rock provocateur Emma Dilemma has unveiled her long-awaited debut album SPIT. Jam-packed full of crunchy guitar hooks, new wave synths and high energy musings on the discombobulating state of the world, SPIT is out now with a video for ‘Breeders’ directed by Amber Beaton — poking fun at those selfish figures amongst us who seek to drive humanity right off the cliff. [via Under The Radar]

After the great success of ‘Money Calling’ with Russ, wewantwraiths and Da Beatfreakz, RAYE strikes again with her new single ‘Hard Out Here’, alongside a very creative video. ‘Hard Out Here’ is a head-bopping song with substantial lyrics in which RAYE talks about her past and a series of challenging moments in her life, such as being put down by people on her music journey and more. The song provides an insight into RAYE’s life and career which makes for a very empowering experience for everyone who takes it in. The video is a reflection of the message RAYE delivers and is filled with several captivating scenes. [via GRM Daily]

Eddy Luna has marked her comeback with a groovy, new song titled ‘What’s The Difference’, accompanied by a 90s-inspired video. The James Wyatt-produced ‘What’s The Difference’ is infused with an old-school sound, taking listeners back to the golden days of R&B. The video – directed by Roisin O’Hare – is an accurate reflection of the song; incorporating a mix of vibrant colours, lively patterns and nice close-up angles. The track is taste of what to expect from Eddy’s forthcoming EP, Everything Is Under Control, which is set for release later this year. [via GRM Daily]

Finland’s ALMA is back with new single ‘Everything Beautiful’, marking her first outing of 2022. ALMA hasn’t released new music since appearing on Valentino Khan’s ‘Stop Talkin’ track in August last year, but now the Finnish singer-songwriter has delivered ‘Everything Beautiful’, which is accompanied by a Nicolee Tsin-directed video. “‘Everything Beautiful’ is about the pain of growing up, not being a teenager anymore, having all these responsibilities, but for a second not giving a single fuck,” ALMA writes. “Just having a good time with your best friends like you used to do. We should be successful, look good, do good, be good, caring about environment, be political, have talents, be funny and social and the list goes on and on but sometimes it’s just better to not give a fuck for a second.” [via Line Of Best Fit]

Thai-Italian pop activist SILVY makes a bright return with her body positivity Summer anthem ‘We Are Beautiful’ – the latest in a string of releases since the openly queer artist signed with Warner Music Asia. A bold number taken from her upcoming debut album and arriving right in time for Pride celebrations, ‘We Are Beautiful’ is a sassy, funk-flavoured blend of sunny pop sounds and SILVY’s signature powerhouse vocals. Meanwhile, the music video offers colourful, campy fun and triumphant dance moments to bring the uplifting message of the track to life, as well as SILVY’s daring, audacious fashion looks. SILVY made the following statement regarding ‘We Are Beautiful’: “Beauty is in everything – but before I learnt that, I learnt the hard way about trying to become “beautiful” the way society expected of me; this word tortured me for my whole life. You have to be ‘this’; you have to be ‘that’; you feel beautiful only when other people tell it to you. However, I twist this into a win with this song. Uplifting, affirming, celebratory – it’s not my song, it’s our song to celebrate and feel beautiful together. When you sing it, listen to it. Love yourself. Love yourself more and enjoy life to the fullest. Once you love yourself and start believing in yourself, magic happens.” [via Amnplify]

Jesca Hoop has announced the release of a new album, Order of Romance, which will be out on September 16 via Memphis Industries. She has also shared the album’s lead single, ‘Hatred Has a Mother.’ In a press release, Hoop states: “I set out to mature as a writer, to further clarity my voice and stance, through melodies and phrases only I can construct. Order of Romance feels like every person, character, or artist, I ever was over the many seasons of my life was handed an instrument to play across the songs.” Order of Romance features co-production by John Parish, as well as musical contributions from Jess Vernon, Seb Rochford, John Thorne, Chloe Foy, and Rachel Rimmer. [via Unde The Radar Mag]

Forcing us to face our fears, Meg Myers drops her haunting new single, ‘Children of Light II’. Accompanied by a powerful visual, the track pulsates with an eery undertone that is as intense and commanding as a call to arms. Lending her fiery vocals to a disturbingly still soundscape, Meg Myers cultivates a feeling of suspense, eventually dropping into a beat that pounds through your body. Speaking on the track, the artist explains, “‘Children of Light II’ is a song about alchemy. It was inspired by my awakening in 2018 when I began reconnecting with my spirit guides through meditation. It’s about facing our fears so we can become more of who we really are, which is multi-dimensional. It reminds us that we are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience and all the answers we seek can be found within.” Showcasing her unique ability to blend elements of rock, pop and soul into high-frequency melodies that distort and surprise her listeners, ‘Children of Light II’ is the ultimate follow-up to her widely acclaimed single, ‘HTIS (Hiding That I’m Sexual)’. [via Wonderland]

Ariana and the Rose releases the video to her hypnotic disco banger ‘Fuck Boy,’ the latest off her forthcoming debut album Lonely Hearts Club (out July 29). In the video (all one continuous shot), Ariana takes matters into her own hands when it comes to a lover who wronged her, with a campy reveal that needs to be seen. “This is one of my favorite videos I’ve ever made!” stated Ariana. “We really decided to go bold and shoot it as a one-take video. Scarlet Moreno (the director) and I wanted the video to have the energy of a live performance, with reveals and twists and turns. The concept has a bit of a wink to it where the audience gets to be in on it with me.” [via Shorefire]

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