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Photo credit: Marie Haefner

DIVES share UK debut single ‘Ego’

Following tours with L.A. Witch and Courtney Barnett, and fresh from being invited to record a session for NPR, Vienna 3-piece DIVES release their first UK single ‘Ego. ‘Ego’ is taken from DIVES second album Wanna Take You There which follows in October 2022 via Siluh Records.

DIVES are rock ‘n’ roll time travellers taking you on wild 70s road trips and through Venice beach nostalgia with their earworm blend of surf-pop, garage-rock, and Riot Grrrl attitude, with a message very much for the now: Anti-discrimination and pro-equality and humanity.

‘Ego’ explores selfishness and narcissism via strange conversations, it’s about people who never listen and just keep talking. “You got to listen and stop, listen and stop,” the lyrics say, “This conversation is too odd, you better shut it up”. The chords and melodies are the sonic equivalent of road-tripping down the highways in a convertible, tying in with the metaphoric chorus “Ego babe, it’s your ego babe, you’re on a one-way road and you’re driving too fast”. On this one-way street is only room for the ego of the person. “Do you worry at all about someone that’s not you?”


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