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Dizzy release new single ‘Birthmark’

Ontario’s Dizzy are excited to release their new single, ‘Birthmark’. The song is out now on Communion Records.

There’s a charm and a magic to Dizzy’s shimmering indie pop that feels as though it’s designed to soundtrack life’s formative moments, and this has never been clearer than on ‘Birthmark’. The track channels the feeling of a first love lost, countering heartsick lyrics with a soaring, uplifting melody and the band’s trademark warmth to temper a melancholy memory.

Speaking about the track, singer Katie Munshaw says: “The song is from the point of view of someone I love who went through their first heartbreak last year. I remember we were laying in bed one night and they said they didn’t feel so bad until it was time to go to sleep. I thought that was so sad.”

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