You are currently viewing Disco Mary release new single ‘Everything’s Normal, Everything’s OK’

Disco Mary release new single ‘Everything’s Normal, Everything’s OK’

Scottish indie pop sensations Disco Mary release new single ‘Everything’s Normal, Everything’s OK’ today via Groove Bound Records. Following their well-received 2021 debut EP Joy Imported From A Happier Age, this is the second single taken from their second EP The Wow! Signal slated for later this year.

Dutch London-based singer charly haze once again takes on lead vocals and co-production duties. The single was recorded remotely between Glasgow and London. For fans of Grouplove, The Go! Team, and The Avalanches, ‘Everything’s Normal, Everything’s OK’ explores a late night ‘psychogeographic’ walk with the singer taking a ‘derive’ through a darkened city at night and connecting to their feelings about life, the city and our fragile planet.

Songwriter Kev adds: “I wrote the song one restless night, when unable to sleep I went for a late-night walk around Glasgow. I’d recently read about French situationist theory, and the idea that the city environment you live in shapes your mental state, and that by exploring unknown corners of the city you can expand your mind. In the strange back alleyways of Glasgow, I was overcome with the immediate reality of both the climate crisis and the millions of human lives all around me just trying to get by. The title came to me as an ironic or satirical take on this. I used my phone to record the roar of traffic passing through the city and sampled it into the backdrop of ‘Everything’s Normal, Everything’s OK,’ so that there would be some of the magic of that night trapped in the song.”

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