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Photo credit: Charlie Harris

DUVET share new single ‘Sweaty Dog’

After recently announcing their split 7″ ‘Girlcow / Sweaty Dog’, which is out on October 6, Manchester-based band Duvet are back with the second track ‘Sweaty Dog’, which channels the band’s jagged post-punk and cider-drenched commitment to having a good time.

On the new track, the band said “‘Sweaty Dog’ is a simple song about the state you become after a long night out going from place to place trying to stay out till you develop a animalistic state covered in sweat, booze and other substances while trying to still dance and have fun waiting for your next drink . Some of us in the band like the idea that maybe the ‘Sweaty Dog’ is a dance you do or that they’re this actual half man half dog. We hope everyone has as much fun listening to the track as we do playing it, and just take it for what it is…Our party rock anthem!”

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