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Photo credit: Sandra Abert

Modern Woman return with new single ‘Achtung’

Modern Woman have shared their new single ‘Achtung’ via End of the Road Records, the label arm of the beloved British music festival. The track was produced & mixed by Oli Barton-Wood (Porridge Radio, Nilufer Yanya, Obongjayer) and mastered by Jason Mitchell (PJ Harvey, Dry Cleaning, Aldous Harding).

“‘Achtung’ was a song that I wrote around the bassline when I didn’t have any other instruments around, which when we developed as a band focused on trying to build a kind of tension and release within the music” Said Sophie Harris of the song. “Lyrically it’s a bit of a stream of consciousness about memories of childhood.

“‘When I was in school I used to live round the corner from a friend who I had a real crush on. His parents were German, and his Dad scared me. If we were in his room and had the window open, we could hear his neighbour playing hymns on the piano. His dad also used to come in and shout at us if we were doing things we weren’t supposed to, which was often.

“The song is made up of snapshots of images of going round to that house as there were a lot of emotions flying round. It definitely reminds me of a more innocent time.”

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