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Photo credit: Juliet Farmer

Eliza Edens shares new single ‘Westlawn Cemetery’

Eliza Edens is sharing another single from her upcoming sophomore LP We’ll Become the Flowers – ‘Westlawn Cemetery’ is a beautiful meditation on mortality and family over gentle fingerpicking in a tuning lifted from Nick Drake, whose influence is all over the new album.

Eliza had this to say on the new offering: “During the depths of the pandemic, I was hunkering down at my childhood home with my parents in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts. I went for walks every day, usually just up the street to a small, bucolic cemetery where I formed many early memories – sledding, walking the dog, learning to drive. During this time while I was home, it started to become clear that my mother needed extra care due to her illness. One afternoon on one of my walks, I started thinking a lot about mortality, the irony of gravestones, and how much time she spent as a professional gardener – tending to the earth and making the world a more beautiful place in the most literal way. Those thoughts swirled together, and this song manifested after fussing around in a tuning I learned from a Nick Drake song. My collaborator Pat had the idea of putting very thick, low-end electronic drums on the song which adds a felt heartbeat and weight to the song. It’s all about the difficulty of accepting change and death.”


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