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Photo credit: Kai MacKnight

Shannon Lay shares new single & video ‘Mirrors’

Shannon Lay shares new single, ‘Mirrors’, a peaceful and gentle tune which explores the idea of learning to recognize what we are holding and decide if it is serving us or not.

Says Lay on the track, “It takes radical vulnerability to see and recognize your whole self in a compassionate light. To accept that you deserve peace and to realize it’s right on the other side of being with what you resist. There is nothing wrong with us, we are unique and beautiful and chaotic just like the stars we come from. Love is available at all times and you are its strongest source. Admire your growth as you would any other part of nature. Look up and see your reflection in the sky.

“’Mirrors’ was created the first day that Rob Shelton and I sat down in the studio to write together. Rob is one of the amazing owners and engineers of Altamira Sound in Alhambra, CA, a place I fell in love with as I watched it be built during the pandemic and that further won my heart when I recorded “Covers Vol. 1” there. Rob started playing piano and I started writing lyrics and from there ‘Mirrors’ expanded into such an incredible collaboration.”

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