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Photo credit: Richard Clifford

Elizabeth M. Drummond shares her sensational new single ‘Congratulations’

Elizabeth M. Drummond releases her sophomore single ‘Congratulations’ via Young Poet.

Delivered with an acid tongue, the song is reflective of the state of mind Drummond found herself in at the time, where life seemed to be playing out in slow motion. The hazy, nonchalant production style employed by Drummond is mournfully intentional on a song where strikingly honest lyrics float above a track that feels both hypnotic and powerful.

Speaking about the song in more detail Drummond said, “Like the rest of the EP, this song is personal. Writing it was just therapy for myself. As cliché as it sounds, I needed to channel my pain and anger into something that felt intense, but also tongue in cheek. Similarly with my first song ‘Crisis’, I had completely surrendered to how bad I felt and I just put it all into my writing. My favorite lyric from this song is “I don’t care”, because I really reached a point where I just didn’t care anymore”.


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