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Photo credit: Bridie Monds-Watson

Ailbhe Reddy returns with new single ‘Inhaling’

Ailbhe Reddy is sharing her first new single since the release of her acclaimed debut album, 2020’s Personal History.

‘Inhaling’ is led by a hypnotic bassline married to a delicate piano with Ailbhe’s distinctly disarming vocal converging to an upbeat chorus. Reddy continues to deftly straddle the line between emotional honesty, vulnerability and uplifting passages, all of which make ‘Inhaling’ another deep and confessional outing.

Ailbhe comments on the new single: “’Inhaling’ is all about feeling drained and restless in life and looking back on my younger self and thinking that even if it was a totally chaotic disaster at times, at least I had feeling. At least I was experiencing new things and living in the moment. It’s about missing being out with my friends partying and feeling alive and free. It’s ultimately a song about freedom.”

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