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Photo credit: Jackie Lee Young

Emily Wolfe releases new single ‘Dead End Luck’

US musician Emily Wolfe has released a brand new single entitled ‘Dead End Luck’.

Taken from her forthcoming self-produced third album, The Blowback, a palm-muted riff brushes up against casually candid storytelling as she relates an occasion when she “Drove past the bar and saw my ex, she looks so happy with a man instead, I wrecked my car got stuck behind a train, why can’t I handle anything?” as wailing lead guitar accents her emotionally charged refrain. Adding a further dimension, Wolfe taped a microphone to a remote control car, catching feedback from different angles of the room and infusing the song with fuzz in surround sound.

Singing with almost resigned humour, she recalls that “the song was born from this really bad day I had when everything felt hopeless. I tried to give myself a little hope in the bridge, where it switches from dark sounding minor chord changes to major.”

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