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ENAKA releases infectious new single ‘Heart Strings’

ENAKA is sure to take 2023 by storm, with an infectious new single entitled ‘Heart Strings.’ The track features a vibrant melting pot of Pop, R&B, rap and Hip-Hop, all merging together under an overarching gritty sound. Featuring irresistible drum beats, atmospheric synths and grooving bass lines, the track is sure to get listeners up and dancing. On top, ENAKA manages to blend hard-hitting bars with soulful, glistening vocals, both elements working hand in glove with an infectious instrumental.

Speaking about the single, she says: “I wrote this record about fun, yet confusing dalliances that feel like a tug of war. One minute you’re ecstatic and the next minute you don’t know where things are heading. I wanted to express how that special person’s charm can tug on your heart strings for the better in a comedic way. I wanted it to feel whimsical and upbeat. I made the beat during the pandemic and shot the music video. The lyrics didn’t come until last year. When I heard the beat again after all that time I was blown away and it was easy for them to flow.”

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