You are currently viewing DORESSA drops ear-melting new R&B track ‘Curtains’

DORESSA drops ear-melting new R&B track ‘Curtains’

DORESSA is back with an irresistible new offering in the form of single ‘Curtains.’ The track features a colourful melting pot of heartwarming synths, playful drums and grooving bass lines. Her vocals are divine, working hand in glove with emotive and retrospective lyricism. The single comes packed with personality and will be sure to fully musically immerse the listener.

Through ‘Curtains’, DORESSA shares her empowering message to women everywhere to embrace their vulnerability, confront their deep emotions, and to reinforce their self-worth. This moving ballad is a powerful testament to the human spirit and serves as a reminder that, despite life’s challenges, we are capable of rising above and emerging stronger than ever before.

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