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Eva Snyder releases new single ‘voldemort’

Eva Snyder is an indie singer-songwriter based in Nashville who blends stories from her bi-coastal roots. From the breeze of her pop rooted melodies toher hard-earned and gutsy lyrics, Eva’s storytelling explores inner discovery, gaslighters, and the dopamine of everyday romance. Today, she releases her new single ‘voldemort’.

“‘voldemort’ is the product of assault and 11 years of healing,” says Eva. “‘voldemort’ is the blood that runs through my debut album. It’s a crushing, diary entry style retelling of the day my life changed 4 days after my 17th birthday.I’ve re-written this song dozens of times over the course of the 11 years waiting to share it until it’s perfect. It was with the help of a trusted co-writer, Samantha Margret, that I was able to bring this song to the place where it is today. As a direct reflection of the themes established in this song, it was necessary that this album be brought to life by only women’s voices. So I found a team of women to do just that. Everything you hear and see has only been created by women. A piece of my soul will forever be in this song … my own horcrux if you will.”

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