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Houndsteeth announce new LP Hold Your Horses, hear new single ‘Rodeo’

Houndsteeth, the indie project formed by longtime friends Grace Ward, Jolee Gordon, and Izzy Da Fonseca, have unveiled details for their second full-length album, Hold Your Horses, set to release on October 27 via Otherly Love Records. Formed as a creative refuge, the trio’s work stems from a place of mutual openness and trust, infusing their work with a natural sincerity and spirit of exploration.

This ethos is encapsulated by the album’s lead single, ‘Rodeo,’ which Houndsteeth shared alongside the announcement. Expanding on the track, the band shared: “‘Rodeo’ is a song about feeling like you’re on the brink of gratification, but something is standing in your way. Sometimes that very block is your own fear- fear of being yourself, fear of trying something new, of being unsure your next move. This song is about finding solace in figuring stuff out by yourself while simultaneously coming to terms with and accepting feelings of loneliness as familiar.”

True to its name, Hold Your Horses, is the result of patience and persistence. Grace, Jolee, and Izzy’s friendship is the animating force behind the NY/LA-based trio’s sophomore album – a release that straddles the line between indie rock and pop music, then ropes listeners into a world of controlled chaos.

Hold Your Horses:

  1. Fist In My Mouth
  2. Carve It Out
  3. This Mess
  4. Gave You
  5. That Way
  6. Nice
  7. Good Time
  8. I Don’t Mind
  9. Rodeo
Photo credit: Bret Kaser

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