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Photo credit: Claryn Chong

Eyelar unleashes electrifying alt-pop single ‘Terrible Love’

Today, Iranian born, Dutch raised and London based artist Eyelar has released her energetic new single ‘Terrible Love’ marking a new era in her frontline artist career. Produced by Decco, the brand new track is brimming with soaring choruses and direct lyricism, showcasing Eyelar’s exceptional talent for blending emotional depth with infectious melodies.

Speaking about the track Eyelar says: “I wrote ‘terrible love’ when I suddenly realised I was in a bad situation I needed to get out. Quite soon after, this realisation the song was made, so it felt really cathartic and important to release all my anger and frustrations. I needed to write it to move on. Musically, I wanted a riff that was loud, but also something that could echo my Iranian heritage.”

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